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Lily Pithavadian Balwadi (LPB) was started in 1954 for the purpose of caring for children in the age group of two and a half years to three years. Children who are alone, while their parents go to work, come to the Balwadi from the underprivileged neighbourhoods. Most of the parents are auto drivers, housemaids, etc., The Balwadi is a boon to working parents, who cannot afford regular creches. They are relieved that their young ones are well cared for and safe.

LPB provides them with a nourishing breakfast, lunch and tea time snacks. They are also given free uniforms and gifts during Christmas. Periodic health checkups are carried out. We teach them basic English, Tamil rhymes, action songs, good behavior and manners etc. The Balwadi has ensured that the children are healthy, cheerful, friendly and social, ready for admission into regular schools.

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