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The Public Affairs and Social Issues (PASI) Department works towards studying community conditions affecting women and girls and stimulates action for their betterment.

Public Affairs and Social Issues (PASI) is also a part of the association which makes it a social force through action and advocacy. It works on public issues vital to girls and women for betterment of society. Hence all its activities are centred on this area.

YWCA under the banner of PASI participates in a big way with issues relating to the society along with NGOs working on women’s issues from all over Chennai. PASI participates in generating awareness about the most important issues impacting the society:

  • Training on Prevention against Domestic Violence
  • Addiction among youth (Both sex)
  • Awareness General Programme (Mixed groups)
  • Legal - Aid / Education in Women Related Laws
  • Student Training / Vocational Training
  • Networking with NGO’s & Public Sectors
  • Medical Camps / Health Counselling
  • Workplace & Sexual Harassment
  • Government Schemes to all Age Groups
  • Career Guidance / Job Placements
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Women Empowerment
  • Educating Psychological Well-being
  • Prevention / Suicidal / Pre-Marital Counselling
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