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The Urban Community Development Project of the YWCA of Madras was initiated in the year 1972 to improve literacy of women residing in the urban slums. Ever since, the program has continued to expand, by carrying out various activities with the single minded goal of empowering deprived urban communities.

Empowerment of urban women being the goal of UCDP; the main aim of the project is to ensure that they are provided with ample opportunities to become self-sufficient and independent that goes a long way in boosting their self-confidence and morale.

1) Tuition centers at Ashok Nagar and Pulianthope Slums: 1)Teachers are appointed to take tuition classes in the evenings for children (aged 5-15), who attend regular school during the day. Eighty to hundred children get special attention in their studies by the dedicated teachers. This will help every child to realize their dreams through quality education.

2) Cultural and Fun Filled Activities: 2)The under privileged children get to enjoy Christmas celebrations, and summer camps organized by the YWCA of Madras. They enjoy the trips, treats and tasty bites on those fun filled days. Awareness on various issues, exposure to arts and crafts, opportunities for them to showcase, their skills is the hallmark picnics of these activities. We hope that as these children, turn into adults, they will reflect on these memories with joy and happiness.

3) Vocational Tailoring Course: 3)A highly skilled tailoring teacher imparts the Tailoring course to the underprivileged women in a very professional and systematic manner. They learn to do cutting and stitching of innerwear, skirts, frocks, nighties, salwar-sets, blouses, etc. On successful completion of the course they are awarded a certificate for the same.

4) Vocational Beautician Course: A professional trainer for conducting the Beautician course is appointed and students eagerly enroll themselves to learn skills such as pedicure, manicure, waxing, hair cutting, different types of facials, saree-draping, make up, mehendi, etc. At the end of the training they are issued a certificate of successful completion.

5) Aari Embroidery course: Traditional Aari work is a much sought after vocation for women these days as the demand for the intricate work is very high. Women are able to reap rich dividends after completion of the course as nowadays Aari embroidered blouses and kurtas are very much in vogue.

6) Spoken English: Good communication skills is the need of the hour in this modern day whether to gain employment or do well in competitive exams, or gain self confidence among our peers/family members, etc. Language educators are being recruited and interactive spoken English modules are being delivered. An orientation for the educators’ team is provided so as to make the course systematic and streamlined. An in-house creation namely the Interactive & Comprehensive English Course Book was launched in the month of January 2018. The 250 page book is modelled so as to cater to any age group starting from 12 years onwards. It is a boon both for the teacher as well as the student. It is heartening to note that, The Sri Chakra Maritime College, the Sri Sankara Global Academy, Shriram Foundation and others have found lot of use for the book and are successfully implementing the course for their students. In a significant development, YMCA has generously come forward to sponsor the books for the underprivileged students studying in the Central Polytechnic School so that when they complete their training they will be better equipped to take on the world with more effective communication abilities and truly be job ready.

7) SPOKEN HINDI CLASSES With the benevolent contribution of Ms Kanchan Singhvi, UCDP is very delighted to announce the commencement of Spoken Hindi courses for the benefit of members, staff and beneficiaries. Offline physical classes are being conducted twice a week. Besides online classes have also been initiated with the help of NSS volunteers. So anyone can learn hindi from the comfort of their home at their own pace and convenient timings.

8) MISCELLANEOUS COURSES Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Jewelry Making Course, Fabric Painting, etc are all in the pipeline. Plans are underway to start them from October 1st 2023.

The UCDP continues to intervene among urban children dwelling in slums to empower them with

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